About The Municipality of Orestiada

The Municipality of Orestiada is located at the northernmost part of Greece and belongs to Prefecture of Evros in the Region of Macedonia and Thrace. It neighbours Bulgaria and Turkey and covers a total area of 955,6 km2 while it consists of 43 settlements and the population is 37.695 inhabitants (census 2011). The city of Orestiada was founded by refugees coming mainly from Karagats and the wider region of Turkey. New Orestiada was officially established on 12 August of 1923, making it the most recent founded town in Greece.


The interconnection with three transit stations / custom offices of Bulgaria and Turkey and the proximity to significant Balkan destinations, makes it a European crossborder place of intense mobility with over 2.500.000 passengers per year.


The primary sector represents the most important factor of the area with regards mainly to agriculture and animal husbandry. The land is being cultivated mainly for cotton, maize (corn), sugar beet, grain, sunflower and grape. At the same time it has been launched the cultivation of new products in dynamic sectors, such as asparagus, vegetable species, horticultural, apiculture (beekeeping). Furthermore, in the area are being cultivated famous and nourishing products such as the garlic produced in Nea Vyssa, the unique “kavourmas” produced in Orestiada, the unique Thracian “telemes” (a particular kind of white cheese), etc.


The secondary sector includes factories / businesses processing farmed-forage products such as sugar beet (sugar production), garlic, asparagus, vegetables, milk, meat and grapes (wine, “tsipouro”). In addition production of soft drinks, building materials, brooms and plastic, as well as agricultural machinery. At the same time, in the city of Orestiada there is an Industrial Park (Law of 2545/97). The tertiary sector includes wholesale and retail trade, hotels, restaurants, entertainment. It should also be pointed out that in Orestiada there are companies  of Chinese interests acting in market.


The Democritus University of Thrace operates a School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry in Orestiada. In particular, the Department of Agricultural Development and the Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources. The Municipality of Orestiada in recent years has installed fibre optic network 21.950 m in length, joining together public bodies of the area.


In addition, in the surrounding area of Orestiada, one can visit the burial tumulus in “Mikri Doxipara – Zoni” (1st century AD), the “Petrota” (the village with a tradition in stone mining), the Archaeological Educative and Display “Spilaio”, a recreation area by the river Ardas in Kastanies, where in the last week of July the Festival of Ardas takes place.


Finally, the unique natural environment of the area, the particular flora and fauna, the significant cultural sources, tradition etc, consist the basic elements for alternative forms of tourism such as eco-tourism, geotourism, cultural and religious tourism, educational tourism, tourism of adventure etc.


The Municipality of Orestiada

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