The renovated office building of UBBSLA will offer information and services for tourists and guests of Varna

On 22nd December 2021 a presentation and demonstration was made of the renovated office building of UBBSLA in Varna, Bulgaria. This was held during the final event organized within the project, which signified the successfully accomplished activities. Representatives of construction companies, tourist and market operators, marketing and ICT service providers, local community and officials attended the events. The main project outputs and digital platforms were presented and demonstrated as interactive available tools that are accessible through the project applications:

  • The Black Sea Online Technical Catalogue for entrepreneurs, producers and distributors of services in construction, engineering, ICT technologies, etc.
  • Virtual Guide of culture heritage places and green territories in the sixth Black Sea countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.
  • Feasibility studies of culture heritage buildings with proposed energy measures for renovation and retrofitting and increase of energy performance.

Commissining activities have been performed during the course of the last two years with contacts with the National Institute for Culture Heiritage, Municipality Varna, Regional administration Varna. An investment project has been designed with suggested activities for the building renovation: window replacement, roof insulation, installation of hybrid heat pump and heating system, lighting modernization, full graphic and photo documentation for the accurate façade renovation in compliance with the legislative requirements for protected buildings in Bulgaria.

The building is to offer tourist services and information to the guests and visitors of Varna as it is situated in the historic center of the city and near the main communication flows e.g. the Railway station, the Marine port, the Sea Garden.

The business towards tourist season 2022

The third business breakfast was organized by UBBSLA on 14th December 2021. The event was organized in hybrid mode with physical and online participation of experts and specialists, business enterprises, representatives of the local authorities, and culture and science institutions from the region.

The discussion highlighted the focus on definition of tourist destinations during the forthcoming tourist season and that’s why the topic was oriented to “Destinations with potential and future” presenting the project outcomes.

In the beginning a general presentation was made on the project with highlights on the main outputs and deliverables, virtual tools, promotional materials, guidebooks and leaflets, virtual tours and films produced as part of the project, which will be potentially used by the business companies while offering their tourist services.

The second part was devoted to sharing best practices and lessons learnt during the last tourist season. Experience has been shared also by representatives of small scale municipalities which somehow remain isolated from the main tourist flow. A positive effect shared is that the Bulgarian tourists prefer to go for a vacation and /or holidays in rural areas renting guest houses and small hotels.

The final part was focused on utilization of funding opportunities during the next programming period 2021-2027 through the expected calls for proposals targeted to the Black Sea region. A virtual connection was established with a Bulgarian-Moldovan business club in which the mutual cooperation as well as their inclusion in new project proposals was discussed. Specific activities and ideas to be realized at the local level were also communicated.

On-site presentation and demonstrations

On the 8th of October, ACTIE Cahul has organized an on-site event (D.C.3.1), part of
Activity A.C.3 within the GreeTHiS BSB- 305 project.

The event was held inside the "Museum of History and Ethno-folklore" from Valeni and
gathered together about 25 representatives of different institution from Valeni and Cahul,
local public authorities, representatives of local tourism from Valeni, etc.

The event started with a presentation of the major results of the project and the presentation
of the Virtual Guide.

In the second part, a debate was held on the development of local tourism, about the brand
of Valeni village and the name of the " Holiday Village" that it owns. Also, it was discussed
about the capacity of tourists that can host it, the economic and tourist benefits for the
Cahul area, etc.

GreeTHiS in Bulgaria acknowledged the International Day of Touorism

Green tourism and historical heritage, as the light motive of GreeTHIS project, were
the topics of discussion panels to acknowledge the International Day of Tourism on
27 th September 2021. The conference part was organized as separate event, part of
the Green Tourist Weekend within the project. Stakeholders and key actors in tourism
met to share the results of the last tourist season 2021 impacted by Covid-19 and to
discuss opportunities for future partnerships.
The international scope of the event is the first of its kind organized in Varna due to
the active involvement of the GreeTHIS partners.
During the first part of the hybrid event, Dr. Frank Kvante, General Manager of
Fraport Twin Star Airport Management Inc. made an overview of the number of the
tourist flow in 2021 in Varna and Burgas airports and forecasts for the next season
2022. Mrs Stela Baltova, the Minister of Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism commented the
future of the tourism sector in Bulgaria and Mrs Sonya Georgieva, director of Tourism
Department of Varna municipality provided summary results of the summer season in
Varna and highlighted the marketing tools the municipality shall use the next year.
Mrs. Petruta Moisi from the Eco Counseling Center in Galati, Romania shared good
practices of cooperation between the stakeholders in this cross border region to
improve the conditions for tourism development. Mrs. Tetiana Pasmarnova, an expert
in tourism within the Agency of Sustainable Development and European Integration
"Lower Danube” in Izmail, Ukraine focused on the local resource management and
practices for tourist business improvement. Mrs. Nino Gvasalia, advisor in investment
and infrastructure affairs to the Mayor of Poti shared specific mechanisms of state
support and tourist resource management for expanding the tourist season in Georgia
and Mrs Afroditi Kamara, expert to Municipality Orestiada presented the culture
heritage and tourism development and its impact on the economy in Greece.
During the discussion panels representatives of the National Association of the tourist
agencies in Romania, the Black Sea Development Agency in Trabzon, Turkey, the
National Association of Inbound tourism in Moldova and UBBSLA experts shared
thoughts and reflections on the tourist development across the Black Sea countries.
In the programme slots the participants and the guests had the chance to visit
emblematic culture heritage buildings and locations in Varna which illustrate the
signs and the traces of the town development. They were also introduced with the
stories of outstanding people who lived and worked here after the Liberation in 1878
and contributed to the vast transformation of Varna as a major industrial, commercial
and maritime center in this part of the Black Sea region.
The events complemented the annual Tourist Expo – Destination Varna and in 2021 the
moto was targeted to “Tourist destinations with history and future” as well as
celebration of the 100 th anniversary of Varna declared as resort city. The UBBSLA was represented in a special stand focused on the Black Sea tourism and the international

UBBSLA 22 nd June 2021 Press Release

On 22 nd June 2021 business breakfast was organized by UBBSLA focusing on the
cultural tourism development in the Bulgarian Black Sea region. The meeting
gathered tourist companies, organizations in tourism, arts & craft, local public
administrations from the member municipalities, representatives of regional
historical museums and NGOs, The stakeholders shared best practices in the field of
historical and green tourism, preservation and promotion of intangible culture
heritage in the local communities. Funding opportunities and grants provided at
national level were discussed targeting exploitation of local resources and explicitly
on investment activities in culture heritage monuments and sites. These are to
stimulate the entrepreneurial approach in cultural institutes’ activity for improved
management and presentation of cultural heritage and attracting audiences through
revitalization of premises and spaces, educational programs. The participatory
actions will stimulate the revival of peripheral areas, small towns and villages and
attraction of new audiences through organization of artistic and creative events,
festivals, performances, exhibitions and initiatives.