The third local business breakfast in Cahul

On the 27th of November, ACTIE Cahul has organized the third local business breakfast (D.T.3.2.1), part of Activity A.T3.2 within the GreeTHiS BSB- 305 project.

The event was organized inside the “Nicolae Botgros” Palace of Culture from Cahul and gathered together about 30 representatives of Local Public Authorities, SMEs from Cahul village, interest groups including NGOs, etc.

The event started with a presentation of the project, its objectives, the main activities and results achieved so far. Then followed a presentation of the project deliverables, the feasibility studies, the joint market research of innovative technologies for energy efficiency and climate buildings in the BSB countries, the list of technologies, producers and distributors available and operating in the project countries and the Virtual Guide.

The Virtual Guide for historic Black Sea Cross border sites and heritage assets has the goal to raise awareness about the necessity for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage. This is an interactive tool that will allow visitors locating sites and assets on the map, have a virtual tour in those locations and also discover their history and learn other interesting information.

We hope that it will contribute significantly to the knowledge of the common past of the Black Sea Cross border regions of Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Local workshop on electronic tools for procurements organized by public authorities, organized by UBBSLA

Municipal experts and specialists gathered in Varna to work and discuss the electronic procurements including green tenders and actions. The UBBSLA organized the local workshop to support the member municipalities in the organization of electronic procurement procedures, green deals, investment activities in protected buildings, green actions and initiatives. The workshop was held on 2 nd November in line with the national COVID-19 restrictions.

Local workshop and site visit: „Active and interactive consumers of CH services and products”, organized by UBBSLA

On 10 th October 2020 the UBBSLA organized the local workshop entitled: “Active and interactive consumers of CH services and products” complemented with a site visit to the Historical park near Varna, Bulgaria. The workshop was dedicated to discussion of mechanisms and methods to involve local stakeholders, entrepreneurs and residents as active users and operators of CH tourism based products and services. Good practices of tourist services, products and applications reverting history and heritage were shared and demonstrated. The aim of the workshop was to present the GreeTHIS project in line with the latest developments of exploitation of cultural heritage assets.

The participants made a tour around the Historical park, which is complex of exceptional size based on “A walk through the centuries” and were acquainted with the historic facts and figures of the Bulgarian history across the ages of civilizations development.

АБЧО отбеляза Световния Ден на Туризма

На 27 септември всяка година се отбелязва Световният Ден на Туризма. Началото е през септември 1979 г. в Torremolinos, Испания, по време на на третата сесия на Генералната асамблея на Световната организация по туризъм към Организацията на обединените нации, когато се взема решение за тържествено отбелязване на Световния ден на туризма, като неговото начало се поставя през следващата 1980 година. Целта е да се създава осведоменост сред обществото в световен мащаб за значението на туризма, както и за неговата социална, политическа, финансова и културна стойност за всички хора.

Туризмът играе ключова роля за насърчаване на социалното общуване, съхранение и опазване на световното наследство. Световният ден на туризма се чества във всяка държава, която се стреми да развие и усъвършенства този бранш. Всяка година Световният ден на туризма е посветен на конкретна тема.

През 2020 година мотото на Световния ден на туризма е “Туризъм и развитие на селските райони ”. Тази година представители на АБЧО участваха в среща на браншовит организации от Варна и Златни пясъци за отбелязване на Световния Ден на Туризма.

В събитието участваха тур оператори, тур агенти, представители на туристическия бизнес, експерти по туризъм от община Варна, областния управител на Варна, браншови организации и др. Независимо от последиците, най-негативните от които пандемията през 2020г. причини на туризма, от бранша са убедени и имат волята да обединят усилия и да продължат своята дейност с оптимизъм и много положителни нагласи за предстоящите туристически сезони в полза на цялото общество.

UBBSLA denoted the World Day of Tourism

27 September is to celebrate the World Day of Tourism. The inauguration of the Day was in September 1979 in Torremolinos, Spain during the Third Session of the General Assembly of the UN World Tourism Organization and its commemorative launch was from 1980. The date and the year were not by accidentally selected. The year 1980 commemorated the 10 th anniversary from the official adoption of the UN World Tourism Organization Statutes. The general aim was to raise the awareness for the significance of the world tourism and the social, political, financial and cultural values tourism brings to the society. Tourism is a key to enahnce the social communication and to keep the national and the world heritage. The World Day of Tourism is commemorated in each country which strives to develop and advance this domain. The moto of the WDT in 2020 is „Tourism and rural areas development”.

This year UBBSLA representatives took part in the commemorative workshop organized by Hoteliers Union in Varna, Bulgaria to celebrate the World Day of Tourism on 27 th September. The event was attended by stakeholders and actors in tourism, members of the hotels and restaurants association, Chamber of tourism, Chamber of commerce, policy makers – Varna region, municipality of Varna, tour operators and agents and

Despite the highest negative impact the world pandemic of 2020 has caused on tourism, the tourism enterprises operating in the region shall continue to empower actors and resources for the advancement and viability of touristic values and benefits on the global society.