Green Tourism and Historical heritage – a stepping stone for the development of the Black Sea Basin

GreeTHiS is a project funded by CBC Black Sea Basin 2014-2020. GreeTHiS brought together partners from 6 countries: Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia and Romania.  

The objectives of the project are

 – To boost the development of green cross border historical tourism in the Black Sea Basin by promoting heritage protection know how, climate adaptation technologies in historic and protected buildings and facilitating the transfer of innovative business solutions between countries.

– To support repositioning of the green tourist businesses towards climate resilience of tourist protected areas and buildings by creating favourable business opportunities in the BSB countries. 

– To increase the capacity of the stakeholders in the area of climate adaptation in historic heritage and in the area of green historical tourism.

– To demonstrate sustainable energy intervention in historic areas and buildings respecting culture, heritage and local character.


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T1 - Technical solutions in EE and climate adaptation within historic buildings and monuments.

The aim of this group of activities is to establish favourable conditions for capacity building of the defined target groups by providing technical support to pilot objects, thus creating a model for protecting historical buildings with introducing of energy efficiency measures. The second goal of the activity is to enhance the target groups’ collaboration and interrelation by creation of an online green tourist platform.

T1 results:

(1) Development of joint online catalogue for green tourism 

(2) Feasibility study for 3 buildings per country for introduction of investment measures in protected buildings 

(3) Market research of innovative technologies for EE and climate protection in historic buildings and areas throughout the BSB countries 

(4) List of technologies, producers and distributers available and operating in the project countries 

(5) Technical catalogue of innovative technologies and producers 

(6) Technical assistance to local communities in protected areas.


T2 - Green tourism potential of protected areas in the BSB countries and their development opportunities.

This group of activities will contribute to enhancing the cross-border Green and Historical tourism in the Black Sea Basin through strengthening knowledge and procedures on heritage protection, promoting energy efficiency and climate adaptation technologies in historic and protected buildings and facilitating the transfer of innovative solutions among countries.

T2 results:

(1) A roadmap of the BSB historical tourism and its green aspects 

(2) Virtual guide to historic Black Sea Cross border Places 

(3) A context research of the market potential for historical and cultural tourism in the Black Sea Basin 

(4) Workshops for Stakeholders 

(5) Site visits to potential historical and cultural tourist objects.

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T3 - Business to history - Capacity building and experience exchange on green tourism in the Black Sea Basin

This activity aims at providing opportunity to stakeholders to increase their capacity in the green tourist business and EE solutions in protected buildings by experience exchange and best practice sharing activities. Another aim is to help strengthening the business relations on horizontal and vertical level by involving all target groups in the foreseen activities and ensuring multilevel and cross border cooperation.

T3 results:

(1) Capacity building and experience exchange on green tourism in the Black Sea Basin Study visits for exchange of experience and enhance knowledge and meetings with stakeholders 

(2) International workshops Business breakfast 

(3) Events Green tourist weekends 

(4) International forums - a contemporary approach to stakeholders in tourism and green production to joint their efforts in developing a green tourism in the BSB.


I1 - Pilot building for green historical tourism – Bulgaria

Rehabilitation of a building with historical value and its transformation into a Tourist site. The idea is to establish a place in the old city of Varna, where different possibilities for tourist routes will be present

I2 - Pilot building for green historical tourism - Ukraine

The pilot investment activity will be the energy-efficient modernization of Izmail historical Museum of the Danube region.

I3 - Pilot building for green historical tourism – Greece

The proposed investment foresees the maturation and the rendering activities for the building / structure named "Karatheodoris Exhibition Center in Nea Vyssa Orestiada"