The renovated office building of UBBSLA will offer information and services for tourists and guests of Varna

On 22nd December 2021 a presentation and demonstration was made of the renovated office building of UBBSLA in Varna, Bulgaria. This was held during the final event organized within the project, which signified the successfully accomplished activities. Representatives of construction companies, tourist and market operators, marketing and ICT service providers, local community and officials attended the events. The main project outputs and digital platforms were presented and demonstrated as interactive available tools that are accessible through the project applications:

  • The Black Sea Online Technical Catalogue for entrepreneurs, producers and distributors of services in construction, engineering, ICT technologies, etc.
  • Virtual Guide of culture heritage places and green territories in the sixth Black Sea countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.
  • Feasibility studies of culture heritage buildings with proposed energy measures for renovation and retrofitting and increase of energy performance.

Commissining activities have been performed during the course of the last two years with contacts with the National Institute for Culture Heiritage, Municipality Varna, Regional administration Varna. An investment project has been designed with suggested activities for the building renovation: window replacement, roof insulation, installation of hybrid heat pump and heating system, lighting modernization, full graphic and photo documentation for the accurate façade renovation in compliance with the legislative requirements for protected buildings in Bulgaria.

The building is to offer tourist services and information to the guests and visitors of Varna as it is situated in the historic center of the city and near the main communication flows e.g. the Railway station, the Marine port, the Sea Garden.