On-site presentation and demonstrations

On the 8th of October, ACTIE Cahul has organized an on-site event (D.C.3.1), part of
Activity A.C.3 within the GreeTHiS BSB- 305 project.

The event was held inside the "Museum of History and Ethno-folklore" from Valeni and
gathered together about 25 representatives of different institution from Valeni and Cahul,
local public authorities, representatives of local tourism from Valeni, etc.

The event started with a presentation of the major results of the project and the presentation
of the Virtual Guide.

In the second part, a debate was held on the development of local tourism, about the brand
of Valeni village and the name of the " Holiday Village" that it owns. Also, it was discussed
about the capacity of tourists that can host it, the economic and tourist benefits for the
Cahul area, etc.