UBBSLA 22 nd June 2021 Press Release

On 22 nd June 2021 business breakfast was organized by UBBSLA focusing on the
cultural tourism development in the Bulgarian Black Sea region. The meeting
gathered tourist companies, organizations in tourism, arts & craft, local public
administrations from the member municipalities, representatives of regional
historical museums and NGOs, The stakeholders shared best practices in the field of
historical and green tourism, preservation and promotion of intangible culture
heritage in the local communities. Funding opportunities and grants provided at
national level were discussed targeting exploitation of local resources and explicitly
on investment activities in culture heritage monuments and sites. These are to
stimulate the entrepreneurial approach in cultural institutes’ activity for improved
management and presentation of cultural heritage and attracting audiences through
revitalization of premises and spaces, educational programs. The participatory
actions will stimulate the revival of peripheral areas, small towns and villages and
attraction of new audiences through organization of artistic and creative events,
festivals, performances, exhibitions and initiatives.