3rd Business Breakfast in Poti Municipality

In July 19th NALAG has hold its 3rd Business Breakfast in Poti Municipality, Georgia. Due to
the worsening pandemic situation in the Country the meeting was attended only by 10
The meeting was held in the historical building of Kolkheti Cultural Museum. The aim of
the meeting was bringing together the local market players from the tourist branch and
the green innovation companies, so as to facilitate the exchange of possible solutions and
investment ideas in regard to development of the tourist potential of the protected areas
and sites.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of the target municipalities,
representatives of Museums as well as by the representatives of the touristic company
Hobby Studio which will prepare the Virtual Tours for the Municipalities.
The main topic of the meeting was presentation of the works from the company Hobby
Studio, the works which serves for the promotion of any kind of tourism in the country and
abroad. Mr. SHAMOEV Alexandre, the representative from the Hobby Studio, introduced to
the participants their experience in development of green tourism and historical heritage
in Georgia, which mainly served as the trigger for the company to start new initiative the
preparation of virtual guides for hotels, museums and for the all kind of institutions which
work in touristic issues. The virtual tours represents one of the most effective tool to
promote tourism in the Country as well as worldwide, as this tool gives great opportunity
to people to travel to the fascinating and mesmerizing places. Mr SHAMOEV presented to
the participants the works prepared by the company the aim of which is fostering green
and historical tourism in the Region.