2nd Business breakfasts co-organized by BSC Programme /NALAG, Georgia/

The joint workshop  co-financed by BSC Programme,  N4ED and UNDP took place in Tbilisi and Batumi, in March 12, 2021. The aim of the workshop was announcing Georgian municipalities for the implementation of their Best Practices during 2020-2021 period.   Nine Georgian Municipalities were selected and received special recognitions: Bolnisi Municipality Project – “Establishment of an Effective Business Platform in Bolnisi”; Tskaltubo Municipality Project – “Establishment and financial support of the “Children’s Inclusive Center”; Senaki Municipality Project – “Economic Development of Senaki through Tourism Promotion”; Self-Governing City of Rustavi Project – “Creation and operation of municipal service Chat-Bot”; Ozurgeti Municipality Project – “Be a co-ruler” – participatory budgeting”; Self-Governing City of Poti – “Youth’ Ideas for Poti” and „Fostering Green Tourism“; Self-Governing City of Kutaisi Project– “Kutaisi Information Center for Combating COVID-19”; Marneuli Municipality Project – “Measures taken by Marneuli Municipality to prevent the spread of COVID-19”; Telavi Municipality Project – “Energy-efficiency of municipal kindergarten buildings and creation of a biomass supply chain (an alternative energy supply) to reduce emissions”. In addition, 10 successful municipalities, revealed based on the baseline study, conducted within the UNDP initiative “Development of Performance Management System for Street Cleaning and Waste Management Services in 23 Municipalities of Georgia” (MSWM&CS PMS), supported by Swiss, Austrian and Danish governments have been awarded by the UNDP.

The Mayors of municipalities of Georgia, experts, representatives of international and local NGOs attended the event in the conference room and via zoom platforma as well.

National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG) holds BP contest, National Conference on Best Practices and the Award Ceremony annually, for these last three years. 9 best practices have been revealed by the BP 2020 Evaluation Commission and the Steering Committee, out of 22 projects, submitted by the municipalities of Georgia, on 13 announced topics of BPP, as one more theme – The respond of Municipalities to the challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic, has been added to the 12 good governance topics in 2020 BPP.

This special experience of identification and recognition of the best practice will be encouraging for the municipality itself to make further improvements as well as for other municipalities, serving as good example of success.

Project staff encourages Georgian Municipalities, not only the ones involved in the project but all NALAG member  municipalities,  actively implement activities to promote  Green tourism, energy efficiency, environmental protection etc. activities in their regions. Project staff will continue to promote the BP initiative to give more incentive to the municipalities to contribute in green activities.

#Good examples serve as motivation for others!