Business breakfast in Varna, Bulgaria organized by UBBSLA

On 19th of November 2020 the UBBSLA organized the local business breakfast as part of the Tourism Expo – Destination Varna. Representatives of the local and regional authorities, stakeholders (Varna Association of Restaurants and Hotels, tourist agencies, tour operators), tourist business met to discuss possibilities for promotion of four season tourist destinations from the Bulgarian Black Sea region and the potential of the forthcoming summer season 2021.

The event started with a presentation of the project and its reflection on the business potential in the region. A discussion followed based on the existing barriers and constraints inevitably caused by covid-19. Some best international practices applied in Spain and Italy were also shared. The participants agreed that these practices should be widely promoted within the Black cooperation area and especially among the partner countries to seize opportunities for their utilization and further replication.

Part of the Tourism Expo was also the topics related with “How to use digital modalities for tourism promotion in pandemic situation”. During a thematic session Mrs Elena Simeonova from UBBSLA presented the creation of innovative digital products to support the tourist business, especially the Virtual Guide and the Online Technical Catalogue, which are among the achievements of GreeTHIS project.