The 5th local workshop in Gurjaani Municipality

On November 24th project Manager Mrs BOKUCHAVA Tatiana, Project Coordinator Mr OSEPHAISHVILI Avtandil and Mr MELUA David Executive director of NALAG organised the 5th local workshop in Gurjaani Municipality.The event was the continuation of the  aim which is more popularisation of the project activities not only in the project target municipalities, but in other Georgian Municipalities which has the great potential in green tourism and historical heritage. The meeting were attended by the representatives from East part of Georgia, like Telavi, Kareli, Akhalkalaki and Lagodekhi Municipalities.

During the workshop the participants received the information regarding Green Tourism Development in six project partner countries. A dissemination campaign took place during the local workshop. Project staff presented Virtual Guide created within our project to which contributed greatly to the facilitation of accessibility and increased interest in Green tourism as well as in local historical assets.

The objective of the meeting was the persuasion of local communities that following Green tourism policies can be a life-changing factor and can add to the longevity and prosperity of their businesses.

During the meeting was presented the joint online catalogue for green tourism which serves as a communication, information and experience exchange platform, searching for available solutions for rehabilitation and maintenance of protected objects.

For Georgian entrepreneurs this will be unique opportunity to connect entrepreneurs of various economical areas and different countries (not limited to Black Sea Cross border cooperation) as well as local ones to join their efforts and ideas in the aim of development of more sustainable and environmentally friendly cultural tourism.

During the meeting was disseminated promotional materials e.g. brochures, small promotional materials. Was shown virtual tours for individual pilot destinations produced as part of GA Communication to be distributed among the participants during the workshops.