NALAG On-site presentation and demonstration event (D.C.3.1)

The On-site presentation and demonstration event (D.C.3.1), part of Activity A.C.3. within the GreeTHiS BSB- 305 project was organized by NALAG on the 9-10th of November 2021. The event took place in the three target Municipalities: Lanchkhuti, Kobuleti and Poti.

The On-site presentation and demonstration event was attended overall by  26 representatives of local touristic community, local public authorities, interest groups, etc.

The event started with welcome speech were BOKUCHAVA Tatiana, the project manager
of the GreeThis project has presented the objectives of the meeting and its expected results.

Ms BOKUCHAVA also made a short presentation of the project to facilitate the understanding by the target groups of the next presentations related to project deliverables achieved during the implementation.

The event followed with the presentation of the major results of the project and the presentation of the Virtual Guide prepared individually for the target municipalities.
Then followed the debates on the development of local tourism and further steps to be done to promote green and historical tourism not only at the national but international level.

All the participants appreciated and expressed their gratitude toward the project for the efforts done during the project for their municipalities. Everyone agreed unanimously that the project GreeTHis triggered and helped the to better promote green adn historical tourism not onlly within the country but abroad.

The GreeTHiS project results and the success achieved during the project implementation could become the best practice for other municipalities in Georgia.

All the anticipated results of the event were achieved:
– the project and its results were presented to stakeholders;
– the project deliverables were presented and evaluated;
– the tourist potential of the region from the perspective of local SMEs and other stakeholders was evaluated.