Local workshop and site visit: „Active and interactive consumers of CH services and products”, organized by UBBSLA

On 10 th October 2020 the UBBSLA organized the local workshop entitled: “Active and interactive consumers of CH services and products” complemented with a site visit to the Historical park near Varna, Bulgaria. The workshop was dedicated to discussion of mechanisms and methods to involve local stakeholders, entrepreneurs and residents as active users and operators of CH tourism based products and services. Good practices of tourist services, products and applications reverting history and heritage were shared and demonstrated. The aim of the workshop was to present the GreeTHIS project in line with the latest developments of exploitation of cultural heritage assets.

The participants made a tour around the Historical park, which is complex of exceptional size based on “A walk through the centuries” and were acquainted with the historic facts and figures of the Bulgarian history across the ages of civilizations development.