Working meetings in Lanchkhuti and Poti Municipalities

On september 22-23 project Manager Mrs BOKUCHAVA Tatiana and and Project Coordinator Mr OSEPHAISHVILI Avtandil organised the working meetings in Lanchkhuti and Poti Municipalities. The aim of the meetings were handing the report on Energy Auditing and feasibility study to those municipalities where the study took place. Project staff hold the meetings in the Mayor’s offices as well as in the buildings were the auditing took place. The mayor’s office as well as the heads of the pilot buildings received one copy of the study. The project staff also handed over to Lanchkhuti municipality the touristic information brochures printed in the framework of GreeTHis project specially for Lanchkhuti Municipality. Within the project it is also foreseen to prepare the tourist brochures for Poty Municipality as well.

On 25 September, 2020 the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG) with the cooperaton of “Networking for Efficiency and Development” (N4ED) project, financed by the EU, co-organization of Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) and GreeTHIS, Bleak Sea Cooperation Program, conducted the third local
workshop in Poti City, with teleconferencing from remote participants. Aim of the meeting was to discuss the challenges of the Georgian cities’ local economic development, as well as the actions which could support the economic development of a different type of Georgian cities; support the the Local Authorities to promote integrated urban development through partnerships built among Local Authorities of Georgia and of other countries and to promote green tourism in the region. The event has been opened by Mr. Giorgi Dididze, Department Head of Regional and Mountain Development, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI). Mr. David Melua, Executive Director of the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG), Mr. Peter Korsby – Project Manager of EU Initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth” (M4EG) and Mr. Gocha Kurdgelia, Mayor of Poti Municipality welcomed participants of the meeting. High level representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI), Local Authorities, associations of Local Authorities from Latvia (LALRG), Bulgaria (UBbSLA), Poland (FSLD), International organizations, Georgian CSOs and experts participated in the event. 

Ms Maraina Ivanova, the Executive director of UBBSLA, the lead partner of GreeTHis project welcomed participants and presented the project to the auditorium. The workshop included 3 sessions, covering the topics: Georgian cities – Challenges and Opportunities; Economic Revitalization of Georgian post-industrial Cities; Development of green tourism in the Black Sea Cities of Georgia. The sessions have been followed with active discussions.

After the workshop the second site visit took place. The participants had chance to visit Poty Lighthouse which represents an cast iron tower ordered in England in 1860. In 1862 it was casted in separate parts by an engineer-mechanics from an English company “EASTON AMOS & SONS”. In 1864 it was put into the operation: Lighthouse construction parts were delivered from London to Poti. The Lighthouse have undergone much development and improvement . It was last refurbished in 1967. The tower, which has the from of a cones with a cut top, is assembled from cast iron plates,  joined by the nuts. Its height from bottom to roof makes 39,8m. It has the historical heritage monument status.