Second local workshop organized by ACTEDJ(D.T.2.2.1) – “Development of ecological tourism”

On the 7th of November, ACTEDJ has organized the second local workshop (D.T.2.2.1 within the GreeTHiS BSB- 305 project. The event started with a presentation of the project, its objectives, and activities.

The event was attended by the representatives of the local community, local public authority, interest groups including NGOs, SME and gathered together over 25 representatives of the different institutions from Galati.

In the second part, a debate was held on the field of ecological/green tourism in Galati area. There were presented both measures that should be taken by the local authorities as well as future activities organized in the community to promote and enhance the ecological and cultural tourism.


Some of the measures to promote and increase the visibility of tourism in the Galati area:

– establishing partnerships with travel agencies;

– creating a local brand;

– creation of a social media channel (vlog) to promote online all the buildings of historical and cultural interest in the Galati area.

At the end of the event, the ACTEDJ team used an online evaluation tool called Mentimeter. Each participant had the opportunity to enter online and submit an evaluation of the event in 3 words. All assessments of the participants formed a cloud.

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