Third “Site visit – D.T.2.3.1” in Izmail, Ukraine

On October 21st, 2019 in Izmail within the framework of the project “GreeTHiS – Green Tourism and Historical Heritage – a Stepping Stone for the Development of the Black Sea Basin”, funded by the Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”, stakeholders (representatives of NGOs, state and municipal institutions, SMEs, associations) have visited the Branch of the Communal establishment of Izmail City Council “Historical Museum Named after Oleksandr Suvorov” – Diorama “The Izmail Fortress Asault”, which is a cultural and architectural monument of national importance.

The event was organized by a partner of the project – the Executive Committee of the Izmail City Council in framework of the implementation of A.T2.3 “Site visits to potential historical and cultural tourist objects”.
Diorama “The Izmail Fortress Asault” was opened on May 9th 1973 in the oldest building of the city – Turkish mosque of the late 16th century. The mosque is one of the few examples of medieval classical Ottoman architecture in Ukraine during its heyday.

Visitors were able to get acquainted with one of the key periods of the city’s history, visit an architectural monument demonstrating the Muslim (Turkish) period of Izmail, get acquainted with the history of everyday life and crafts of the inhabitants of the fortress of Izmail.

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