Workshop and site visit in Varna, Bulgaria

The UBBSLA experts promoted the GreeTHIS concept during the first workshop organized in Varna Free University on June 1st, 2019. The ambitious idea and the expected outcomes of the project were presented within the Session “Conservation of the Cultural and Historical Heritage”. Over 20 experts on energy efficient technologies, engineering, architects, local authority’s representatives, etc. took part in the event with active contribution on sharing energy saving and conservation measures in buildings. Concrete measures of energy saving interventions were shared with regards to the small scale investment foreseen in the project pilot building. In addition, local and regional initiatives for preservation of culture heritage and historic significance of Varna and the region were communicated to the attendants. Good practices and future opportunities were discussed as well.

The next day, UBBSLA organized the first site visit to the historic central part of Varna with the specific focus on the project pilot building, where practical measure will be realized The site visit was linked with a demonstration of technologies for restoration and renovation of cultural buildings performed by the professional experts and architects, representatives of engineering and construction companies, civic organizations working in the field, etc. The attendants were aquainted with the history of construction of the building, its historic background and prupose of exploitation. Then the facades and the external sides were observed and documented for the purpose of the pilot interventions. Specific techniques for facade renovations were presented and discussed between the participants. . As a result of the intervention the building is to be turned into tourist info point for the tourists and guests of Varna.

The second site visit within GreeTHIS was organized by UBBSLA  on 31st July 2019 as a tour to the Salt Mine near Provadia town, an archaeological site dated back to VI – Vth century BC and the ancient Roman city of Marcianopolis with the picturesque water springs in the town of Devnya. Representatives of local authorities, museums, NGOs, business, etc.  visited the two local heritage sites and got acquainted with the inherent values and influence they have had on the ancient livelihood.

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