NALAG’s First Local Workshop

In July 19th the National Association of Lcal Authorities of Georgia hold the First Local Workshop for stakeholders.

The Workshop was attended by 20 participants among who were the representatives of the Mayors offices from 4 target municipalities (Kobuleti, Lanckhuti, Batumi and Poti). Also the representatives of museums, touristic departaments and architectural services were attending the Seminar.

During the Workshop the Mayor of the host Municipality Kobuleti Mr KATAMADZE Mirian, welcomed participants and underligned the importance of the project Green Tourism and Historical Herotage as this kind of project, which aims the promotion of the caltural heritage tourism, is innovation for Georgia.

The meeting was very interractive, all participants had the chance to present themselves and their role in the promoting tourism in Region.

During the meeting was discussed the buildings which might be the subject for the energy auditing and feasibility study. We also discussed the context research on tourism potential in the region and we were promised that municipalities will do their best to identify the expert for the implementation the research.

We received the list of protected buildings from all the municipalities. Poti Municipality provided us the list of building with the technical specifications and photos. We asked them to provide these documents electronically as well so we could prepare accordingly the information for the Virtual Guide. We asked all municipalities to prepare the similarlist as did Poti Municipality so as we could promote these building through the virtual guide.

During the meeting the Director of Kobuleti Museum expressed his whish to receive the reccomendations from the energy auditor how to make the building of Kobuleti Museum  energy efficient so as in the future he could might think of the rehabilitation of the building. NALAG will think about this proposition, however it depends on the budget and we cannot give any promises yet.

Also municipalities asked us if we intend to publish any materials which might include all the list of protected bulding in the target municipalities. For the moment we think that if it is possible to publish one brochure (out of five) including the information about the protecting building existing in black sea region in Georgia.